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Standard Class Nationals - Day 2 Report

Hey Race Fans,

Today the forecast in Texas called for blue skies with good lift up to 7,000'. The winds were forecast to be light from the north, shifting to east around launch time. The decision was made to grid on runway 18 with water but it was a futile effort that led to dumping of water on the grid and an elephant walk to runway 36.

A 3.5 Hour TAT was called by CD Mark Keene. At launch cumulus started to fill the sky and climbs were found as predicted. Most pilots started around 1315 and had a good downwind run to the city of West. As they progressed on the second leg, the lift became more difficult to work and it was time to shift gears. Most pilots reported a difficult time in the second and third cylinders with improving conditions as they headed back towards TSA.

Walt Rogers wins the day at 65.89 raw over 230 miles. Overall Henry Retting moves into first followed by Mike Westbrook and Phil Gaisford.



Posted: 8/1/2018


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