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Standard Class Nationals - Practice Day 1

Hello race Fans!


The first practice day of the 2018 Standard Class Nats is upon us with the largest turn out in recent memory. A few competitors showed up early to practice and were rewarded with cloudbases at 10,000'.


Today we set a TAT over the task area with a distance from 154 to 333 miles. At the weather briefing, Walt 'WX' Rogers gave a quick overview "It's going to be good".


Competitors are in the air and touching 8,000' at 2pm.



3.5 Hour TAT

Start #1 - 5 mile Radius Start - 6,000' maximum

TP#32 Hamilton - 30 mile radius

TP #46 Marlin - 15 mile radius

TP #35 Hewett - 15 mile radius

TP #47 Maypearl - 1 mile radius

Finish #2 - Finish Line

Median - 243 miles

154.4 minimum/333.5 maximum




Posted: 7/29/2018


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