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Region 11 FAI Class - Race Day 2

Forecast conditions were for drier and more stable air, lower heights, and smoke. Since the last two days had produced a few landouts, the CD called a task run mostly in the valley around Truckee. This was a MAT task with 6 mandatory turnpoints: Verdi Peak, Mt Pluto, Mt Rose, and Adams Peak with a 2 hour minimum. 

It was a fairly easy run through the first 3 turnpoints, as many competitors had already found the thermals while waiting for the start. The leg to Adams Peak had its challenges. The normal route would be north along the Verdi and Loyalton ridges, however it was quickly apparent that these were not working today. Some small clouds marked a convergence in the valley to the east. Those that tried running the ridge were poorly treated, combined with the usually still or sinky glide across the Sierraville valley they had to dig out at Adams, which was in the blue. There were thermals there, and the return was managed much the same, keeping to the east of the ridge. With gliders coming and going, there were clouds or gliders marking the thermals. 

Most found themselves under time, and had to select one or more MAT turnpoints. There was a good climb available at Verdi Peak on the return, that made it easy to grab a couple of turnpoints in the valley. More ambitious pilots returned north.

The score sheet turned up the usual suspects: The winner was David Greenhill (16), with a raw speed of 77.71 mph. Second was Peter Deane (2T) at 73.17, and third was Luke Ashcroft (LA) at 68.09


Posted: 7/17/2018


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