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Region 6 North - The Conclusion of R6N

R6N Highlights:

We flew 4 of 6 contest days and two practice days.

On at least two days the CD called TAT or MAT on marginal and/or very unpredictable days. We had several landouts. All were performed safely without incident. No damage. For some it was their first. 

July 4th was VERY soarable (the sky looked like Uvalde) but it wasn't clear to any of the task advisors at the time the call was made that it would be safe to grid and launch the fleet with a warm front just to the south and a potential for severe thunderstorms. A "wait and see" probably would have been a better approach but there were other considerations, such as heat for example. Most pilots had already flown 4 days in mid-90 degree temps. SAFETY was the primary reason we didn't fly on the 4th of July.

At least two pilots completed their first contest task at R6N and participated in their first regional soaring competition. It also appears we have at least two new contest pilots who intend to go to one or two races on the contest circuit each year. Success!

Sandhill member Ben Kairys (VC), flying a Std. Cirrus in Club Class, won the R6N Newbee Contest Pilot Highest Score Award placing 4th in Club Class.

6 Juniors flew at least 3 contest days with a mentor/instructor pilot. Most flew at least 2 days in a state-of-the-art 20m ship. Some even experienced an off-field landing or two. 

Contest Results:

Sports Class -

1. Dave Springford (F1)

2. Don Kroesch (DK)

3. Mike Shackman (SH)

Club Class -

1. Todd Rutledge (1D)

2. Glen Betzoldt (W)

3. Bob Spitz (EG)

*The scores from R6N are now OFFICIAL!

- Chris Schrader, R6N Contest Manager








Posted: 7/9/2018


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