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2018 Region 10 Championship - Manager's Final Report

Word is that “The Stars at Night, are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas.  The Prairie Sky is wide and high, Deep in the Heart of Texas.  The eagles fly, across the sky,  Deep in the Heart of Texas….

And fly they did – 25 competitors from as far away as S.C., MN and CO, travelled to get a taste of Texas hospitality and big skies.  They flew 6 of 7 days in the just completed Region 10 Championships, won by Francois Pin (FAI) and Mike Sorenson (Sports.)

The week began with an evening outing to the local fairgrounds for a demolition derby.  There was enough competitive energy generated to last the week!  Tony Smolder started each day with a de-brief of the previous day’s task and SeeYou analysis of the winner’s flights.  The focus, designed to jump-start the learning curve for newbies, was on decision making, techniques, tactics and flight planning.  Most pilots attended each morning, with the more experienced providing their wisdom and “don’t do what I did” lessons.

CD, Ken Sorenson followed with the weather and tasks for the day.   June in S. Texas is typically weaker than August – but seldom presents hurricanes!  The tasks ranged from 2 – 2 1/2 hour TAT’s and long-MAT’s stretching performance of pilots and gliders alike.  While the weather was challenging at times, every day saw altitudes in the 4,000 ft. AGL range.  More than half the contestants were flying their first Regionals.  There were a number of non-completions, but most resulted in returns to SCOH or landings at local airports.  Only nine were in fields, all with no damage, but lots of interesting stories.

Each evening was filled with good food, tall tales, some great stories, free beer and a cooling dip in the pool.   For a taste of what we just shared, check out our newest member’s You Tube video, https://youtu.be/UhjXkkLnMpc, and visit us on Facebook!

Thanks to the enormous support of SCOH members and families who stepped up to cook, clean-up, tow, run the line, retrieve pilots, mow the runway (thanks especially to 8H, who wins every time he touches a mower.)  Without such “Big Texas hearts” – we’d all be grounded here, deep in the Heart of Texas.  Until next year, Bye Y’All!

Posted: 7/5/2018


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