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Region 6 North - The Young Old Return to Adrian

After a few last minute changes of CD things have finally settled down and the contest and Junior Soaring Camp is underway. Some of the "Juniors" were merged into Club Class and other less experienced Juniors are flying Sports Class or flying with a camp instructor in Sports Class as Guests. The contest has been billed the "Return to Adrian" and it was nice to have vistors like Jack Wyman and Lach Uhlman drop by (please excuse any spelling errors), and contestants who flew the '69, '74, or '79 Adrian Nationals register to fly again here in Adrian.

It's refreshing to see we have every type of ship from a Ka7 to JS1 being flown in the contest. Many thanks to Dick Andrews and Piet Barber for mentoring Juniors in their 20m ships. Likewise, I owe Ron Ridenour big time for helping me get the contest organized and taking on the CD duties while mentoring myself and another newbee in task planning and CD duties. 

As for yesterday's report, the Scorer is still working on an issue related to handicapping but we should have official scores for Day 1 (July 2) by tomorrow morning at the Pilot's Meeting. Unofficially, our Daily Winner for Day 1 in Sports Class was Dave Springford (F1) and for Club Class it was Todd Rutledge (1D). Additionally, first time contest pilot Ben Kairys completed his first contest task in "VC" a Standard Cirrus once flown by Fred Huenl from Ionia to Cumberland, Maryland. VC recently got a face lift and new panel, and is now a race ready ship again. Efforts like these are certainly good for Club Class flying and increasing contest participation.

The task for today will be a MAT and we spent time teaching both Juniors and adult newbee pilots the rules and intricicies of flying an MAT with the Start at Adrian START E, and the first and only Assigned Turnpoint being 84-Shamrock. After that the pilots are on their own until they finish and claim their task.

We'll check back with you later today and hopefully we'll have some photos to post for you too. In the meantime, tune in to the Soaring Society of America's Facebook Page for live streaming from the grid (about 1 PM).

- Chris Schrader, Contest Manager

Reporting from Lenawee Co. Airport, Adrian, Michigan


Posted: 7/3/2018


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