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2018 Sports Class Nationals - Time to turn off the lights and do some laundry

This was the most fun I have ever had at any soaring event.  I loved almost every day - other than the scary one, and we had great flying over beautiful areas that challenged us every day with different weather that took us to the limit but not over. 

The reason I can say that is I saw fear in many pilots eyes on multiple days during pilots meetings when we called long tasks over certain areas, but then they would all come home that evening raving at how amazing the day was.  We had awesome weathermen and tasking committee, great remote scoring from John Godfrey, and of course an amazing CD who listened to all input but then made the final correct call time after time.  Noel did a 10/10 job as CD.  Just an amazing job in so many ways.  Thanks man.

Daniel (crazy last name) Sazhin did a remarkable job in his borrowed club's LS-3 and took first place.  Great job man!  I look forward to racing against him (and losing) and watching his soaring talents grow even more in the future.  What a stud!  Gary Ittner and David Leonard did a great job too coming in just behind Danial for second and third on the score sheet.  They are always fun to fly with and enjoy on the ground hanging out with as well. Michael Marshall did a fantastic job flying over the last 2 weeks in a 20 and just missed third place by 14 points.  That's like one extra turn somewhere over an 8 day contest.  Crazy.  Great flying!

So we are now all put away, the tables are returned to the city shed, most everyone is packed up and Nephi is quickly getting back to its quiet self.  I already am thinking about next year and 2020.  How about another fun OLC event for 2019 and the 18 meter nationals with a combined regionals for 2020?

See you up on the cloudstreet at 17.5...

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/28/2018


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