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2018 Sports Class Nationals - The day we threaded the needle...successfully

The day was predicted to have clouds and good lift in the northeast quadrant of our tasking area of the high Uinta Mountains.  The winds would be higher but manageable out of the south.  Many pilots were concerned about the aggressive task call, but our weather man stood by the models and said there would be good lift up high, a convergence line on our third leg going down south over mars landscape, and a good tailwind headed home.
It worked just as predicted.  Climbs up to 17,500 were strong and plentiful and many pilots talked about needing to do whatever it took to not bust 17.5k' while cruising at over 100 knots on the convergence cloud street.  Pilots landed with big smiles.  An event organizer's nirvana. :)
Bruno Vassel - B4

Posted: 6/27/2018


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