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2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/24 Practice Day 2 Report

Today we wrapped up the final practice day for Region 10.

 WX has been improving every day since some rains last week and today presented some early weaker condition we can expect as the real – scores start tomorrow.

The grid was sparse today with about 12 or so launching – not because it was suckage, but mostly cause of resting up for Day 1 tomorrow

Awesome burgers on the grill y JJ and Erin De Paep! Thank you!

Another cool evening as a sea breeze came through late and moderated the temps.

The pool again was a very popular gathering spot after landing, with the keg flowing fully. If you don’t have either in your club- suggestion- get both!

Scorer & Report Writer


Posted: 6/24/2018


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