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2018 Nephi Region 9 Sports Class - Region 9 Day 5

Nephi is EPIC!

Day 5 was our biggest task yet taking the group out to the northeast for the first time. The first leg was full of cu’s and organized cloud streets with lift up through 18k (we are not allowed to go higher than 17.5k). But nothing is for free in this world and we all were fighting 30kts plus headwinds for a few legs making the task very challenging. 
It’s official . . . Aland Adams is a STUD! He won the day again with a crazy fast speed and went deep into a few sectors. I also had my best day with a second place finish which I was shocked to learn because I thought the pack was so far ahead of me (I couldn’t see anyone on FLARM). I even started taking videos in flight because I thought I was so far out of the running.
We had only one pilot land out and it was at an airport which gave him an airport landing bonus. Lots of folks got in different types of air and had varying days but to the person, everyone finished up with big smiles on their faces!

from left to right, Gary Ittner ‘P7’, Danny Sorenson ‘DS’ and Hal Woodruff ‘HW’ enjoying a steak dinner and home made beer at the end of the day.
David Lessnick - 51P

Posted: 6/23/2018


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