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2018 Nephi Region 9 Sports Class - Region 9 Day 4 Report

Day 3 and 4 are now in the books. Day 3 was a BOOMER with a sky full of heat and big beautiful cues rising well into the 20’s. Many contestants received penalty points for breaking the 17,500ft ceiling. Several pilots said it was the strongest conditions they had EVER soared in. It’s not every day you see 1,800ft per minute up on your vario! Of course the laws of physics still apply and what goes up must come down and there were large areas of falling (as opposed to sinking)  air between the clouds.

Day 4 saw temperatures 10 degrees cooler and the forecast was showing top of lift between 10k and 12k with zero clouds. Thermal velocity/strength was looking like between 2 to 4 kts depending on what model you looked at. The task for the day was called for 3 hours with only two turn points. Several pilots chose to avoid landing out and only made it to the first turn point to the south before turning back North and landing back at Nephi. 2 pilots ended up landing out but made it safely to airports for an easy retrieve. Nick Kennedy ’T’ ended up winning the day with a non-adjusted speed of 57.56mph and 185 statute miles. Pattrick McLaughlin in ‘HH1’ and Dave Cleveland in ‘LL’ ended up rounding out the top 3 finishers.
Everyone enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner back at the contest hangar and once again, 12x National Champion, Gary Ittner had his mobile beer van locked and loaded serving his incredible home made brews, Miss Turn Point and Flight Lager. Gary’s mobile tap house has proved to be a very popular spot for pilots to congregate around after a long day of racing. 
David Lessnick - 51P

Posted: 6/22/2018


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