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2018 Sports Class Nationals - Day 4 - Blue, low, beautiful mountains, sharp colorful rocks

Today proved that Nephi is a pure mountain site when the lift doesn't go up very high and its blue.  We had moderate winds from the northwest so we knew we would be able to use the western faces of the mountains to get around course.
I think the tasking committee nailed it again for both contests and while not easy, it was possible to get around the course with only 1 actual landout and 1 engine start. We were able to see right up close the mountains just east of Fillmore Utah and all the way down to Delano Peak by Beaver.  It was very different playing just off the ridge lines, but the faster speeds today used the terrain to get around effectively.
It seemed like a really fast day to me, but the top raw speed was only 73mph and most everyone else were in the mid 60's.  If I didn't look at my flight computer, I would have guessed average speed was in the upper 80's.  Maybe that's because we were flying in the 9k'-12k' band for most of the day and didn't get the altitude speed bump of flying in the 15k'-17k' ranges.  Oh well - Saturday looks like it will deliver those kinds of altitudes and speeds.
I love contests for 2 reasons - the people who come to fly, and the flying itself.  There is no better learning and improving your own flying skills than to be up in the air with multiple past national champions and see how they tackle a course, or even a thermal.  Racing isn't about winning - Its easy for us losers to say this, haha, but it is about flying with friends and enjoying each unique contest site.  Fun stuff!
Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/22/2018


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