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2018 Region 10 Championship - 6/22 Pre-Practice Evening Report

Well it was a tough day with only KM, as a Guest (he is the CD so cannot compete – damn cause he is so good!) completing the task.

FR, or should that be “I” started and ended up landing out. But as the only Sports Class pilot he gets the “Major Award”. A big thanks to Carols Arieu for going to get him out of a nice field.

Today we had multiple contestants arrive:

- David Coucke - yeah dude - flying a classic ASW-20

- Louis McIntire - in an original, very competive V2a

- Fred Retting - in a nice D2-18T

- Maybe others? but it is late and marking the grid was hot, humid, and tasking!

So stay tuned for tomorrow's reports.



Posted: 6/22/2018


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