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2018 Sports Class Nationals - Day 2 - Blue, low, scary and successful

We were warned by the weather gods a few days before that this day was coming up.  Cool weather in the mid 70's = very pleasant for everyone on the ground and in the air.  Also a completely blue day out on task with estimated top of lift only being around 9k'-11k'.  That sounds like a lot, but with valley floors around 5k' and mountain tops in the 9'-11'k height range in the areas we would be flying, it made for a challenging and excitingly slow day.
We launched at 12:45 to be met with strong climbs.  Top of gate was limited to 9k' to help avoid gaggling at the top of the start cylinder trying to get a final 500 feet before heading out into the blue.  Most competitors found 4-6 knot thermals taking them up to 10.5k'.  Nice surprise.  Oh yeah, winds we pretty light and variable on the ground and on task.
Some groups flew together in the blue, but many pilots ventured out on their own or with only one other glider.  There was strong lift to be had, but it was tricky to find in some spots so everyone tip toed around the course and the speeds reflect that.  Had there been clouds, it would have easily been a 90mph day even though top of lift was very low for the western desert.
We had 3 of the Air Force gliders and 2-3 competitors combined from both contests land out in fields successfully. I know that sentence was poorly written, but I am headed to the shower to get ready for the day.  Not a lot of time at a contest is my excuse.  :)  We also had another 3 motor gliders start up their engines.  Yeah, it was a tough day as predicted, but I am really proud of the tasking committees and weather man.  Seemed like everyone agrees the tasks were perfectly called and challenging, but doable.
We are having a great time here.  Of course I am going to say that though being a marketer at heart.  Haha.  Spirits are high, lots of smiles, and some people are still chuckling at my daily meeting jokes.  Weather looks like it will be hot and strong today and then cool off again.  No storms forecast.  Just lots of fun good flying out here in the west.  Thanks for reading!
Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/20/2018


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