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2018 Sports Class Nationals - Nephi delivers day 1

We made it!  Practice days were successful and pilots had a good time.  Now the serious work begins.  We called a 4 turn point task with various size circles around them ranging from 5 miles to 20 mile circles.  Tasking committee had some uncertainties this morning trying to decide what the day would give us.  We knew it would have some clouds, have lower bases (lift was under 13k' most of the time), and with how cool the day was in the high 70's, we thought the day would shut down early.

We had a great launch with only 2 relights.  Everyone seemed to be able to climb up to max start height with no difficulty after finding the initial thermal off tow.  Clouds we pretty decent on the first leg south and second leg west.  After that, there was some big blue holes to traverse over the edge of the great basin desert (think moonscape) and the faster folks seemed to be able to find a climb out there, while the slower folks (yours truly) struggled out in the blue calling for mommy.  At least that is how it was in this lad's cockpit.

We then had to get a high enough climb to fly back in the blue eastbound to a turn point it seemed like in Colorado at times.  It ended up looking much scarier than it really was.  There were blue climbs to be had and only 3 gliders landed out.  Two of them were Air Force Cadets with amazingly little time in gliders to be doing these big tasks over some beautiful but intimidating areas.  Big hats off to them for trying.  The third glider that landed out couldn't make it over the last ridge and did the safe thing and picked a field less than 10 miles from home.

We had a good time, we have a lot of contest to go, but we are having fun and flying hard.  That's what I've got.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/19/2018


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