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2018 Sports Class Nationals - 2nd Practice Day

Winds died down quite a bit and were a little more cross on launch.  Not a problem.  We launch a little later at 13:30 to give some time for weighing gliders.  We are having a heck of a time getting weighing done without wind interfering.  The way the airport is laid out makes it tough to do a weighing race track behind a hangar.  We are figuring it out though.

Today was beautiful again with blue skies above and puffy clouds.  I got to 17,400 once on course down in the southeast part of the task today.  Fastest speed was right around 84 MPH so it was not a bad day at all.  Great job Bill!

Our CD is already doing a hell of a good job.  Noel Wade has flown Nephi before as a competitor and this time is coming to keep things running.  I am shocked he and I haven't had even a single disaggreement yet.  We will have to try harder.  He is pulling double duty helping with launch ops and is doing a great job.  Big thanks to the other volunteers who have really stepped up.  Ron Gleason is an old favorite at Nephi is weather man this year, but he is really helping Noel and me to run things since I am trying to fly as well.  John Godfrey is our remote scorer and has been spot on with every need and requst.  Thanks man!  There is a really good vibe at the airport already and everyone is excited for the good weather predicted for the next 10 days and to fly the Nephi area.

FYI - we have some big TFR's to the east of us that is keeping us off the Wasatch plateau within 30 miles from Nephi.  We worked around it on today's task by going south of it.  We did not have any problems.  We hope they safely get the fire contained and we can go play out that way the second half of the contest.  Thanks for reading!

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/18/2018


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