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2018 Sports Class Nationals - We Blew Away the First Practice Day...

The title should be a good indicator of expecting very little info and cheesy comments at best from this reporter.  You get what you pay for folks.  Foot in Mouth

We woke to beautiful skies with deep blue backdrops to the perfectly formed puffy cu's all around.  Many thought it would OD since it was so beautiful in the morning.  Nope - it didn't get hot enough to blow up.

Most pilots flying have come early for the practice days to both enjoy Nephi a little more and to get ready for the contest.  Winds were crazy strong from the south.  Good news is this was right down the runway for launch.  We are talking steady 25 knots here.  We have never had a Nephi launch with such strong winds but we tried it and sent up the sniffer at 12:30...4.5 knots and climbing.  We launched the fleet.

Fastest speed around the short course was a blazing 94 MPH!  Remember we are flying dry with this being a sports class contest.  Great job John.  Only one landout a few miles south of the airport.  Many reports of 10-12 knot thermals.  This is going to be fun.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/17/2018


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