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Region 10 North - Day 4 Complete

Good Morning Race Fans,

Day 4 ended up being a succesful competition day. The approaching Cirrus had other ideas vs. our original planned TAT but thanks to our CD Steve we were quickly re-assigned to a 2:30 MAT to McPherson, Newton, Norwich and back. 

The clouds to McPherson and Newton were excellent for us, but getting back to Sunflower was very challenging. The clouds under the cirrus had aligned in very narrow bands with wide stretches of dead air under them. Once again we had a great day of gear shifting in Kansas.

Most of the FAI guys were able to make the glide but Ron & I in the Sports Class needed a little help. We both managed to find some lift and make it into Sunflower for a finish slightly under time.

The most impressive performance of the day from our perspective was Rick Hoffman whose timing allowed him to get back up on the cloud line after we all landed and he made it to Norwich! 

We had a great dinner at the Journey Mennonite Church in Yoder to celebrate the end of the contest and present awards. Class winners were John Murray, LX, in FAI Combined, and Tony Condon, K, in Sports. The Jim LeSueur Trophy went to Tony. 


Posted: 6/17/2018


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