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Region 2 North - 6/16 Weather P3

Large area of high pressure that has been controlling our weather sits right over New York State today and begins to pull away to the east and south.  Generally light NW flow and dry, unstable air. 
Boundary layer 6,000-7,000 feet or a bit morethroughout the task area.   With less wind to tear things up, expect solid 4kt or better climbs to 6,000 feet or more.   Fairly homogeneous throughout the task area. 
Despite very dry air, I expect some Cu - call it FEW to SCT - throughout most of the task area.  Any Cu should be at 5,500 before the start and going up to 7,000 and possibly 8,000 late in the day.    There are some hints of thin Ci later in the day, but this should not impact the conditions.   
Light NW winds at less than 5kts on the surface and about 10kts in the boundary layer.  

Posted: 6/16/2018


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