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Region 10 North - Day 4 Tomorrow

After consulting the wind at noon and then 1 PM, Steve called the day off for contest flying. Winds gusts were north of 30 mph and there were no cu observed on the GOES16 loop. No contestants grumbled about the decision and a few applauded. We will try for Day 4 tomorrow.

Jerry, Mitch, and I decided to give it a shot once the cu started to arrive in the area. I had to search off tow but found a climb and after a couple climbs in the blue got to the clouds down by Cheney Lake. Mitch and Jerry both landed back after their first tow. Jerry took a second and was able to get to the clouds.

In the clouds the lift was good (like yesterday), but getting there was tough (like yesterday). The wind was even stronger. My Oudie was showing 35 mph out of the south at 7000 feet. Hard to make progress into that! With cloud markers it was possible.

The last two days the cloud field has been inching closer to us. We hope tomorrow that it will be overhead. The wind is forecast to be slightly lighter and perhaps with cu we will be able to get a contest day in. We'll find out and report here!


Posted: 6/15/2018


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