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Region 2 North - 6/15 Weather P3

High pressure over Canada with a small short-wave/trough swinging through the northern part of the task area during the day.   
Boundary layer 6,000-7,000 feet throughout the task area.   Very variable thermals (see wind and clouds) from strong to broken.   Expect a lot of ratty climbs, especially near Wurtsboro and N/NNE.    Good ones should be around 4-5kts. Also note that some areas of wave are not out of the question.   
High probability of significant vertical OD and spreadout in the area, with cloudbases around 5,000 rising to 6,000 (lower to the NNE).    Expect OVC to BKN in the NNE quadrant of the task area and BKN to SCT as you go further south.    A few isolated rain showers are not out of the question to the NNE.    
NNW throughout the task area.  10 gusting 15kts on the ground and around 20kts at cloudbase.    These winds will cause many thermals to be broken up.   Wind direction and strength should support running local ridge and Blue Mountain through mid-afternoon and saves thereafter.    

Posted: 6/15/2018


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