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Region 10 North - Day 3 Evening

I just returned from a great cookout of Pulled Pork and Cheesecake courtesy of our do everything guy Paul Sodamann. If he isn't fly fishing, hiking the grand canyon, baking cheesecake, catching snakes, or skydiving, he's running the line at the glider contest!

We had high hopes for today and the task was a 3 hr TAT to Sterling, Haviland, Anthony, and back. However as the Sports Class was launched the lift was still weak. We held the launch of the FAI for about a half hour and then they were launched. We were getting up between 6 and 7000 MSL but that was inconsistent. A few pilots relighted while the whole sky seemed to cycle. Steve analyzed the satellite image and called us back with a new task.

We had a 2.5 hr MAT with Kingman, Garden Plain, and Norwich as the assigned turnpoints. This would hopefully put us in the areas where cu had been observed. Gate opened at 3:10 PM. Earliest starters were around 3:30. The wind was southerly at about 30 mph which made progress into the wind challenging unless you could line up a good street or find a couple good climbs.

We ended up with 4 completions. LX and NR in FAI and K and K7 in Sports. It was a tough day with (for me) a brief run of awesome lift as we went east into the edge of the cu field. 

Tomorrow we expect more heat and wind. Saturday we're hoping the wind lays off a bit for the final day of the competition. Talk to you all in the morning after we take the sounding.


Posted: 6/14/2018


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