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Region 10 North - Day 3 Morning

Well the overnight storms did not materialize here. There are some storms in NW Kansas and generally millky cirrus here.

We are seeing some low cu as the day heats up. If the sun stays out reasonably and we heat up to the high 80's at forecast we feel we might be able to get high enough to fly a task. We have a 2 hr TAT slightly west to Turon and then down to Harper again before return. FAI has a slightly smaller radius at Harper to account for their higher minimum distance.

Mitch and Jerry told their flight stories at the morning meeting. 

Tomorrow and the rest of the week looks like a return to standard Kansas weather. Hot and Windy. However the thermal forecasts go up along with the wind so I am optimistic. But I am always optimistic ;)

Grid is 12:30


Posted: 6/13/2018


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