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Region 10 North - Day 2 Evening

Well we had a succesful Day 2 here at Sunflower, but not without its challenges. While yesterday was a pretty techinical soaring day, the challenge today was just staying semi-high. 

We started the launch once our sniffer had reported ~3000 AGL but in weak lift. It gradually improved. Steve had opted for the west start cylinder based on our morning observation to keep us towards dryer ground. The task was Pratt with 15 miles and Harper with 25 miles and a 2 hr minimum time. There was a prediction of mid to late afternoon thunderstorms to motivate the tasking and flying to get out there and back quickly.

Thermal cores were narrow and difficult to work. Cu were generally abundant on course and most contestants spent most of their flight chasing from one to the next. Some were honest and some not so much.

We ended up with 100% completion in the FAI Combined Class, while the Libelles, W5 and 4T, both landed at the Kingman airport in Sports. They were quickly retrieved via aerotow however. 

Evening entertainment tonight was a visit to the Salt City Brewery in downtown Hutchinson. Most pilots were able to attend, enjoy a couple good local brews and some pizza and some comraderie before retiring for the night.

Tomorrow the weather does not look great for soaring, as the front that passed last night is progged to back up again through the area. However once it clears us to the north we should have some good soaring behind it, albeit some standard Kansas south wind flying.


Posted: 6/12/2018


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