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Region 2 North - Day 1 Observation P3

One really interesting aspect of the Wurtsboro task area is the Catskill Mountains and the massive influence they can have on tasking and conditions.   As I approached Ellenville on the first leg of the task,  there was an area of jumbled looking lower clouds with small tendrils swirling under them.    This is frequently the sign of a convergence line that sometimes sets up when the alpine conditions of the Catskills interact with a cooler, marine layer that comes up the Hudson River Valley.  
Sure enough, one solid climb at the Rondout reservoir connected me with the convergence line,  and for the next 50KM or more I was able to glide without a single turn.    The view near the back side of the Piolis cylinder was spectacular, with the Ashokan reservoir on one side and Slide Mountain (highest peak in the Catskills) a few miles away on the other.    
After leaving the Ashokan, I was able to fly right back up the same line and all the way back to Wurtsboro before needing to circle again.    Unfortunately,  I made a huge tactical error at that point by not going to the far side of the second cylinder, but man first section was FUN. 

Posted: 6/12/2018


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