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Region 10 North - Day 2 Morning

Good Morning!

We had a line of storms build just north of here last night. A single cell passed right over Sunflower about 12:30 AM. Some heavy rain and pea size hail were the features so the concrete was a bit wet this morning. It's drying out fast though.

Mitch and I took the towplane up to get the morning sounding and it seems better than yesterday, although the NWS forecast high is a few degrees lower. I think we'll have some soaring weather. We observed that there was much less rain on the ground just a few miles west of the airport vs. east.

Winds are supposed to be light out of the east/southeast. I'm sure our visiting pilots will appreciate a day in Kansas with light winds!

The front that passed us last night is forecast to back up through here again tonight with chances of storms again overnight and tomorrow morning.

Off to the pilots meeting now!


Posted: 6/12/2018


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