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Region 2 North - Day 1 - K21 Report

Wurtsboro 2018 contest #2 began with a decent, for us, entry group and promise on day 1, Friday of a tricky but flyable day.

We started with the complication of our strongest tug down with a cracked engine mount. Scott Calvert brought the Valley Soaring Club Pawnee over and operations ran without a hitch. The weather offered a challenge in the form of cold(?) front that would pass during mid afternoon with the expectation of lots of cloud that could shut off the lift. Conservative tasks were set to allow for the potential bad news. Launch went smoothly after JB sniffing reported 3 kts through 3000 feet. Both classes has TAT tasks going north east, then back west.  Veteran Chip Bearden won FAI by best using the second cylinder to the north west. This required a couple of long glides in the blue. Everybody got back in both classes. In Sports, K21 came out on top with 14 year old Addison Pennington in the front seat and calling the course line decisions. He read the convergence in the north east cylinder like a pro and connected clouds well enough to circle only sparingly. Newcomer Alberto Recchi flew in ACA with Daniel Sazhin and had a nice flight for second. He told us the experience was GREAT. Deane Williams came third in what I think is his second contest. Oh- about that frontal passage. It came through with none of the excess cloud and the day turned out really nice.
Day 2 is anybody's guess.
See you at the airport.

Posted: 6/8/2018


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