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Region 2 North - Sunday Weather 6/10

A battle between a large, high pressure system centered over eastern Canada and the remnants of Friday's cold front stalled over southern NJ.    Right now, the frontal boundary is winning.         
Boundary layer has a very sharp gradient, from less than 3,000 at the NJ/NY/PA border to 6,000 plus in the Catskills.  We are right on the  edge of the decent air.   However,  any thermal lift depends on getting enough heating to reach 72-73 degrees.   Right now, the forecast is for a bit under that.   
A thick mid-level and cirrus layer runs west to east along the PA/NY border blanketing our area.    Rain associated with the mid-level clouds looks to be remaining in the southern part of our task area.   The upper Ci is thick and is not progged to dissipate before late afternoon when the next cold front finally sweeps through.     Without thinning of the mid/high-level clouds, it's hard to see us getting enough convection for consistent soaring.    
Light out of the east to southeast.         

Posted: 6/10/2018


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