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Region 10 North - Hotter Windier

I have just returned from a wonderful cookout party hosted by KSA Member Dave Pauly. He was gracious to invite all the contestants and club members over to his place on a lake in NW Wichita for drinks, dinner, and a good time. A few people took advantage of the cool water for some paddleboaring, boat rides, or just to cool off a bit. Dinner was good and topped off with birthday cake and singing for Mitch Hudson (AAA) who turned 42 today.

Temps today here in southern Kansas reached triple digits and the winds bumped up into the low 30 mph range. After everyones struggle with the heat and wind yesterday, and in consideration that it is, in fact, just a practice day, CD Steve Leonard wisely opted for no task and no grid today. Contestants scattered around for various activities. Vicki & Lou Chounaird enjoyed a visit to the Zoo in Hutchinson. Mitch, Kimmine, Leah, Amy, and I had a good lunch at The Barn in Burrton. 

There was a forecast for soarable weather today, however. Trigger temperature was high and with the high wind, a late start seemed prudent. Bruce Meacham (W5) still needed to get 100km OLC Distance to be able to enter as an official competitor. He and Ron Leonard (4A) with the help of most of the other pilots at the meeting this morning, hatched a plan for him to fly to Ellsworth, almost exactly 100km NNW of here. With the 30+ mph south winds it shouldnt take too many climbs or much time. A 3:30 launch was planned.

Since my Cirrus ("Kate") was already rigged and in the hangar I decided to give it a try too. I launched right behind Bruce and helped him get up and started and sent him on his way, then did a lap around our clubs local 50km triangle and then a little more before landing at 5:00 in order to make it to dinner on time. Bruce called about 5:30 saying he had made it to Ellsworth with no trouble! Mission Accomplished!

Climbs ranged from 3 kts while still under some Cirrus to one climb that showed 6.5 on the averager. Bruce and I both topped out north of 7500 MSL.

Tomorrow will be contest day 1. We're all looking forward to it!


Posted: 6/10/2018


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