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Region 2 North - Friday Weather Forecast 6/8

Weak cold front sliding through the southern tier of NY during the middle of the day,  progged to be over Wurtsboro right around 13:00 local.    Small low pressure wave rides along the front.   
Boundary layer 5,000-6,000 feet throughout the task area.   Once we hit the mid 70s should see decent thermals 3-4kts.   
We seem to have two cloud issues.   Some thin, high cloud associated with the front and a lot of lifting from the low pressure wave.  Expect nice Cu early over-developing and spreading out in patches.    Call it BKN to OVC at 5,000 over most of the task area.      
Westerly winds around 10kts throughout the boundary layer but coming around to light NW late in the day.  

Posted: 6/8/2018


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