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Region 5 South - R5S Cordele Day 5 - Fantastic

This was the best day so far here at the Region 5 South contest. Yesterday was great but today was fantastic.  There were cumulus clouds again today with strong, wide thermals.  The winning speed (actual) exceeded 70MPH for the Combined FAI and 18-meter classes, and the sports class turned in a winning speed of over 50 MPH.  Francios Pin’s first words when he saw me were, “That was FUN!” 

Generally, the cloud bases in the task area were 5 to 6 thousand and climb rates varied, but many of mine were over 5kts averaged bottom to top.

When asked, most of the contestants showed a big grin and described the day as a “lot of fun.”  This contest has had 4 great flying days so far and the tasks were interesting and challenged the skills of all pilots yet accommodated the first-timers. 

The volunteers and tow pilots have been fantastic and have provided for nearly every comfort.  The “Less Nats” spray that was issued in the welcome pack is but one example.  The town’s businesses have welcomed us and provided their famed fish fry dinner to show their appreciation.

In a season that has been disappointing, Cordele is the exception.  This is a contest venue that needs to be on everyone’s list for next year.  The only thing missing from this contest is you. 

By John Mittell

Posted: 6/8/2018


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