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Region 5 South - R5S Day 4 - Cordele at its Best

Finally, Cordele at its best.  5 knots to 6500, cues almost everywhere.  Robin saw it coming (maybe the weatherman had something to do with it) and set nice tasks (3 hrs) with nominal distances of 174 mi for Sports class, and 178 mi for the others.  Today first launch was set early because there was some threat the day was going to end early.  18 m class opened at 12:55 p.m. and the other classes soon followed, as the efficient tow operation proceeded.  Even at 13:00 cloud bases were over 5000, and pilots were eager to go on task.  …  Three hours later it predictably started raining gliders on runway 24, and good speeds came to the score board. XM got the highest raw speed at 67.95 mph for 203.73.  This would have handily won him the 18 m class, but alas, flying in FAI combined, his ASW27 handicap landed him behind Bill Kerns in the LS-8-15 at 66.44 raw speed.  Looks like the 18 m class should have waited 40 min to go on task with FAI combined.  Speaking of 18 m class, Gary Carter (HK) had a great day flying his ASW27 to come in 2nd by only .17 mph less than first place winner Sam Giltner.  Gary stepped up to fly in 18 m when one of the 18 m  gliders had a collapsed gear on landing during a practice day, leaving that class without enough planes to make a class (5 required).

A great appetizer and desert menu was dished up at 18:00 by the ever amazing support team.  Great mood all around.  And the sky above was still looking great!  Let’s see if that holds up for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

An added note - Shiloh, who contributed the deserts, was one of our line crew in Cordele for many years.  Those of you who have flown here may remember her and her brother helping you launch over the years.  She is now all grown up and working full time as a Histology Lab Tech.  It was great of her to stop by and visit.

By Dieter - OG & Chris

Posted: 6/7/2018


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