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Region 5 South - Day 3 Cordele Flying Altitudes and Attitudes Improving

At the morning meeting The CD had described the first two contest days as typical European flying conditions with milky skies that often left one wondering why they were going out on task.

Day three predictions called for a longer day and better altitudes than the previous two and no one was disappointed.  With no physical landouts the retrieve desk was happy and with pilots occasionally finding fires that took them upward to 7000 and even 8000 feet,  they were also both happier and less muddy.   

As the ground has started to dry out, the soaring is improving.  Unfortunately the gnats are on the increase right along with the altitudes, but at least the essential oil ‘Less Gnat’ spray provided to each pilot at registration has helped to abate the little critters somewhat.

A new service has been provided on the field this year that has quickly become popular – we are offering lunches following the morning meeting.  Over half of the pilots are taking advantage of the opportunity to get a sandwich and not leave the field.  Thanks to the efforts of Paula Mittell and Karen Geisinger they can fill in an order form during the meeting and their lunch is ready to take with them to their plane by the time the meeting is over.  We must also thank Lyn Forbes who has kept the coolers stocked and her husband Murray who has made sure the food stays cold by delivering ice and top of her duties as contest co-manager and Murray’s other Operations Director duties.  As always, it takes a team to make good things happen and we have a hard working and dedicated group of volunteers who are keeping things running smoothly.

The evening dinner is our Annual Catfish Fry.  While many of us no longer eat much fried food, this is a special dinner provided by the Crisp Country Cordele Chamber of Commerce.  They prepare this meal all over the state for special events and we are fortunate to have them serve up this special dinner for us each year.  Everyone should try their catfish.

Posted: 6/6/2018


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