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Region 5 South - R5S Day 2 - Flying or Biker Bars

The weatherman briefed that today would be similar to yesterday but with thicker cirrus and no Happy Hour.  After this less than optimistic weather briefing, we staged and gridded on Rwy 24.  Robin, our CD, launched Francois Pin and John Mittell as sniffers.  Bets were placed on the grid as to how fast they'd be falling out of the cirrus-covered, milky, listless sky.  So, Mittell reports a first climb to 3,800 feet at 3 knots and many on the grid accuse him of untruthfulness.  I remind the grid-doubters that John is a Naval Aviator who, when given an order, carries it out to the letter.  He was told to go find some lift and he did.  Francois reports an even higher climb and the CD says "Launch the 15 Meter Class".  This is met with audible groaning from many 15 Meter cockpits.  Non-plussed, Robin then says "Aw, heck, just launch the whole bunch of "em!"

 All of this goes well until Mittell calls the CD to report that he's low and must land.  He is followed quickly by Billy "Survival Mode" Kerns, and all of us wonder if any of this is a good idea.  A voice on the contest frequency asks Mittell and Kerns if they'd like to re-light and try it again.  Mittell responds that he's thinking about it, but "the day might be dying".  Ever optimistic Billy replies "yeah, it's dead".  Then our hard-working Ops Director adds to this spate of negativity with "Yeah, The Day Is Dead."  Having had a large group of landouts the day before; imagine the mood in cockpits, already out on course, hearing the announcement of the demise of the ‘Day Known as Today’.  Gary Carter heard the announcement, pulled his air brakes and landed next to a biker bar. 

 Gary's retrieve crew found him enjoying a cold one in the bar at Angel City.  It would have been a perfect retrieve, but his crew found him before they de-rigged his ship and put it in the box.  And, can you picture Gary in a biker bar wearing his little soaring hat?  Wish we had a picture of that one to share.

 In the end, we got in a pretty good day and had another great Happy Hour, so…all-in-all…


Posted: 6/5/2018


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