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Region 5 South - R5S Day 1 Meet the Local Farmers

Today promised a blue sky with four to five thousand foot climbs at 4+ knots.  Not bad except for one little problem; there weren't many and only three people completed the task.  The rest were scattered around central Georgia.  

Today was meet the local farmer or know your rural airport day.  After extensive discussions on why the wind stopped, we were able to put into action our highly reliable retrieve network and no kidding, it worked great.  To put into perspective, 21 pilots launched, 11 landed in fields and most needed more than one retrieve person (4 in one case) to get them out of very wet fields.  Obviously the field was rather empty around 5:00 pm.  All pilots were quickly accounted for and arrived back at the airfield for nourishment AKA awesome appetizers.  And of course some spirited beverages were also consumed as storied were shared. 

Tomorrow, if the weatherman says "if you liked yesterday you'll like today", well we've located a 55 gallon oil drum, some roofing tar, and we just need to slip into one of the local "chicken lift" houses tonight to gather some feathers. ... well you know the rest.  By the way, all three who completed the task today should have automatic entry into the next worlds.

As a side note, the 18 meter class shrunk so severely do to a couple of withdrawals and a collapsed gear during practice, that they would not have had enough planes (5 required) to make a class.  Gary Carter (HK) generously offered to move into the 18 meter class with his ASW27 in order to keep that class viable – thank you Gary.

Until tomorrow.  Safe flying.

Gary, with add-ons by Chris

Posted: 6/4/2018


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