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Region 5 South - Practice Day 1 - Dry Air On the Way

Cordele had been inundated with storms for the past three weeks and just as we thought the weather would clear in time for the first practice day ... it didn't.  But then storms had also prevented most of our tow planes from making their way to the field.  So things actually all coincided to make for a good day of arrival, meeting up with friends, and rest.  However dry air is forecast for the first contest day on Monday. And we should get in a nice practice day tomorrow.

 Dennis Linnekin is taking the role of Fernando Silva as weather expert. Fernando is in Poland having a great time getting ready for the 15 meter world championships, This morning, Dennis started a briefing at the announced time, but faced an empty tent. It didn’t require much expertise to figure out that broken clouds at 1,000 feet and two more decks above wouldn’t allow much in the way of soaring.  A few pilots did trickle in late to get the latest report on the freezing level. When Dennis was still working as an airline pilot he lightened up some dreary forecasts by asking the hapless weather guesser for the freezing level and other pilots in the Southeast followed his lead. Dennis may take the freezing level humor to California when he moves there in July.

 It looks like we’ll have 28 or 29 pilots (late registration Sat evening) including a few who have never flown a contest before. We’ll do our best to make them feel welcome. There will not be enough standard class ships for a class so we’ll have a combined 15 meter class. At 7 tonight the sun was shining. There was a nice breeze {even if it was being pulled along by a thunderstorm complex to the east}.

From a social perspective, Karen Geisinger installed a small wading pool in front of her RV, just in case anyone is in need of a quick cool down, but more rain tonight may get people wet enough for now. 

 While small bottles of essential oil 'Less Gnat' spray where given out to everyone at registration, the gnats have either drowned or been frightened off, as they have not been a real problem YET.  Anyone here last year may still be having nightmares of gnat attacks and men running about with netting over their heads.  So, the gnats were taking a break. We can only hope.

As people left for dinner there was great optimism that tomorrow would be the start of flying followed by drier days ahead. 



Posted: 6/2/2018


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