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Region 7 Soaring Contest - Friday

The story is about the weather.  But first, we raced both classes with John Seaborn in A8 winning the MAT in the 15m class with Ron Ridenour a close second in MT.  Pavel Skrabal  in UN won the Sports Class with Dick Andrews in FH finishing second in their version of a MAT.

Well, the weather is the story and many of you have like stories.  The original area task was replaced with a MAT while the 15m class was airborne and during the Sports Class launch.  The first turn point to the northwest had turned dark because of a really large thunderstorm, so Geoff replaced the original task with a MAT that had one required turn point straight west of the airport.  An early start was necessary, kinda like a Grand Prix start, in order to get away from the approaching storm and most of us did so.  After about a long part of an hour, the airmass changed from cu bases at less than 4,000 agl and modest climbs to cu bases at +7,000 agl and really fast climbs.  And the lucky part for most pilots had the AEL and the finish circle clear just in time for the minimum times for each class.

Now for the other fun part.  NT gained the status of a celebrity by landing out in northern Iowa, so take time to see the main page of the SSA’s website. 

your R7 CM

Posted: 5/25/2018


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