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1-26 National Champtionships - Day 2, Elvis Has Left The Building

If we complained yesterday was mostly blue, today was really blue! Zero clouds and no haze domes. Zilch, Nada, Nothing. Elvis has left the building.

The pilot’s meeting started at 10 am and we got the winning report from the solo pilot, Jeff Daye in 039, “Heading south, you get going, you get going, get going. Got south of the interstate down there and there was absolutely nothing. Not even a mouse fart. So I turned around and came back, and as I'm about two miles south of the field, at 15-16,000 feet AGL, I see the fleet streak overhead headed south above me. Well this is going really well. That's a hell of a great start. So I got over here and messed around a while with got up high again and started again about 3:30. Got down, actually past the first turn point, got a real good thermal that went all the way though, when I was south of there, got a real good thermal, got about half way up to Lebanon, got another one. Saw two gliders to the north as I was heading into Lebanon, they were coming out, and I was able to go in and nick the cylinder there and come back out where they were, and that was still working. That worked real well. Then it was final glide over toward Hagemeyer and I was down again to about 1,100 feet over the ground and couldn't make it back here from that point where I was, and that's where I made my second mistake, I joined Cathy in the thermal and I turned the opposite direction, and that was my mistake, and I've thrown myself on her mercy and begged her forgiveness. She said, "That's okay 'cause I didn't see you anyway." So I climbed up in that one, took a look back out toward the west and said, "Oh hell no." Then went as far as I could into the Hagemeyer Circle and came back.

The team winner report was by Gus Johnson in 008, “I left the cylinder, flew out there. I think I was with Daniel and maybe Kurt I think. We were flying out. We headed out right just after the gate opened we were on top of the thermal. So just flew out there. We kind of spread out. Daniel ended up going a little faster, saw him, I saw Kurt coming up on the side there. We kind of spread out and I don't know who found the thermal first, then we went in there and climbed up, went to the first turn point. Then we were in a thermal close to it, so climbed up, went to the turn point, came back to the thermal, and then climbed up. Headed to Lebanon by the airport there, found another thermal through there, and then I was slow, I took my time going to the last turn point because I thought, "Well if I want to continue I want to be high there. I don't want to just go in and then go in. Then I got there, found another thermal, started messin' around and then Daniel said, "Well you could finish and then go for the turn point." So I'm looking and I'm thinking, "Let me do that first." Then I finished and I went to the fields up here, and then I thought, "There's a rule that says you have to land within 10 minutes after you finish the task". I thought, "How's this work out? I don't know. I'm going to land." So that's what happened, I came back and landed, and I probably would've been in the field somewhere out there. But I still don't know what the rule is.” The CD said, “You've been docked 50 points.” “Okay. But so anyway it was my decision, that's how it went,” Jeff said. The peanut gallery chimed in, “It was a winning decision.”

Dan Reagan the weatherman was positive it was a good soarable day. Today is similar to yesterday. The day will start sooner and it will last longer. So, starts earlier, lasts longer but it is totally blue. Everybody agrees on that, that it's really blue. The Wilmington ILN Soaring Forecast was -5.0 at 3000 AGL

The task was kept close to the field because it was going to be a blue day. Start was at Hagemeyer 3 miles to the south, then 10 Clinton about 15 miles away, then Fry at about 14 mile NW, then Walmart at 18 miles SW, then home. But you could go to other turn points if you wanted.

Well, we got a buzzard here trying to save a flight here at Caesar Creek. He's not having a good time of it. It wouldn't be a baby, I don't think. It's too early in the year for a baby, but I've found that buzzards and birds of prey, are very instinctual in their soaring capabilities. I raised a hawk and it never had been released, and the first time I let it go it just locked its wings and circled. He raised 50 feet then proceeded to glide into a tree and crash into the limbs. So, they can thermal as an instinct but they've got to learn to land. 

The contestants gridded at 12:30 pm and I went around the grid getting short introductory videos from the contestants and other participants.

Hi. My name's Jim Angelou. First time flying 680, second time at Caesar's Creek. A phenomenal place to fly. Formerly of New Jersey. I've got a bunch of 1-26 time, owned a couple of them over the years. Now residing in North Carolina, and have been graciously asked to team fly with Ron Schwartz, and looking for a good time here.

Tom Barko here from Dallas, Texas. I've been flying down there for about 30 years, and been flying the 1-26 most of that time. I also fly higher performance Mosquito Plastic Ship, and been to a number of contests out west, out east, and this is the first time we've been here at Caesar Creek. It's a beautiful area, just wonderful.

Hi I’m Neal Palmquist, I'm out of Dallas, Texas, Duncanville area. My ship, bought it out of Hobbs about 1989, rebuilt it completely about 25 years ago, and it's almost due for yet another spruce up.

At 2:00 there were three girls and a boy left to launch. We'll be in the air in probably a few minutes. Probably get the gate to open probably at about 2:30.

Our excellent ground crew included Chris Uhl, Jim, Dudley, Mark Miller, and the new guy we're training, Bill Hall. Also one of the historically important members of the Caesar Creek Soaring Club’s sons, Manfred Mauer.

Thanks for your interest in the 1-26 Championships and please call or send your comments and photos to Chuck Lohre, 513-260-9025, chuck@lohre.com.

Posted: 5/24/2018


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