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Region 7 Soaring Contest - Tuesday

We gave task racing a try today with two mandatory turn points in a MAT, because cumulus bases were predicted at a bit more than 3,000 agl with the best soaring during the last half of the afternoon.  After the sniffer fell out, Geoff launched the 15-Meter class and the Sports class on a good hunch and we proved him right by staying aloft.  That said, everyone struggled to heights of less than 3,000 agl in broken lift.  The called task seemed “iffy” and well described as “unfair” by the veteran racers so Geoff cancelled the day.  Nevertheless, John Seaborn in A8 and Pavel Skrabal in UN flew the task at heights not unlike the latter reaches of a final glide.  Amazing. We finished the day at a hangar party with “steak on the grill” that followed last night’s hangar party “Door County fish boil”.

your R7 CM


Posted: 5/22/2018


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