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1-26 National Champtionships - Practice Day Two, The Devil Gets Married

5-22-18 1-26 Championship, Practice Day 2

Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, Ohio,  5375 Elbon Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068

The weather didn’t look good at breakfast. Very low clouds and the type that look like they are only to get worse and it’s going to rain all day.

The pilot’s meeting started at 10 am and Dan Reagan the weatherman was much more optimistic about it being a soarable day. Yesterday the Wilmington ILN Soaring Forecast was 0. Today it was -1.5. Sunday was -2.5. Each day I had three hour flights, so things were looking up.

There were some discussions about rope break fields near Caesar Creek Soaring Club for the 1-26 Championships. An excellent map had been prepared outlining the landable fields with in two miles.

The contestants gridded at 12:30 pm and waited for the contest task, but the ceiling lowered and thunderstorms were spotted on the radar. It was decided to cancel the day.

As usual at any contest, the contestants spent the free time getting their ships in shape. The little things you always wanted to do and now is the time to do them. Daniel Sazhin helped Steven Vihlen seal his 1-26. Daniel says a poor cockpit seal, which is right at the lowest pressure of the wing, can penalize you 1.5 points L/D.  Unfortunately the weather cleared up later in the day only to look like showers the next minute.

I caught Pierre-Alban Greliet-Aumont on camera while he was working on the radio in his 1-26 “686.” He apologized for not wearing his 1-26 cap. On the reverse it’s a Discus hat. He says, “It’s like having two girlfriends with all the problems that brings.”

The devil must be getting married since we’re in sunshine and it’s raining. Time for dinner at the 1-26 Championships. 

The safety meeting after dinner gave us a count for the contest, 23 1-26ers and one Vintage, yours truly in his ASW 15. So sad the only way I can win a contest is if no one else shows up. Steve says I’ll have a nice set of coffee mugs. There’s still time guys and gals!

Steve’s Carrier Contest is going to be a big hit once we have had a few adult beverages after the first day of the 1-26 Championships. Check out the video on Facebook. Steve created this game for the CCSC Youth Education Week. The launcher stands on top of a ladder with an aircraft hanging from a zip line string on whose end is held by the “Pilot” on the far side of a carrier complete with arresting wires. The aim is to land the aircraft on the carrier. It sounds easy but gets harder as you blindfold the pilot and even start spraying water in their face.

Thanks for your interest in the 1-26 Championships and please call or send your comments and photos to Chuck Lohre, 513-260-9025, chuck@lohre.com.

Posted: 5/22/2018


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