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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - It's a Wrap...Thanks

Another rain day. The CD canceled the day at the morning pilot's meeting.

Shortly thereafter we held the awards ceremony for the first US 20m Multiseat Nationals:
Champions - Team KS, Karl Striedieck and Sarah Arnold
Second Place - PP, Noah Reitter with Jake Barnes
Third Place - Team QQ, Piet Barber and JP Stewart

Thanks to all the contestants, crew, and volunteers for a safe and successful contest!

Many thanks to our awesome Team Mifflin:
CD - John Seymour, with a temp assist from John Good
Scorer - Rick Fuller
Weather - Richard Kellerman
Scales/Gate - Jacquie Doherty
Water - Reedsville Fire Dept, w/Karl Striedieck coordinating
Towing - Brian Glick, Haven Goulding, Phil Chidekel
Tow Planes - Glicks, Karl Striedieck, HHSC
Ground Ops/Line/Launch/Recovery - Steve, Austin, Nikki, and Kaitlyn Glick, Paul Weedon, Fred Winter, Chris Groshel, Frank Banas, Evan Kownurko
Sniffer - Tim Welles
Retrieve Office - Becky Thompson, Lianne Groshel
Trailers/RV/Camping - Chris Groshel, Fred Winter
Meals/Appetizers/Decorations - Lisa and Dawn Glick, Moe and Sophie Acee, Gene and Peggy Glick, Al and Susan Narehood, Leigh Smith, Iris Mittendorf
Dinner Music - David Bargainnier, Dawn Glick
Beverages and Beer Club - Chris Groshel, Fred Winter
Registration - Janine Acee
Reporting - Brian Glick and Janine Acee
Photographer - Moe Acee
Soaring Magazine Article - John Good
Pre-Contest Notifications - Peppi Sare
Control Point Database Update - John Good
Awards: Janine Acee and Karl Striedieck
Contest Emblem design and merchandise - Chris Groshel, Shane Neitzey, Janine Acee
Parachute Re-packs - Nate Wagner
Breakfast & Lunch Concession - Harry Leach
Pre-Contest Clubhouse Cleanup and Grounds Setup, Meals Setup/Cleanup: Iris Mittendorf, Lisa and Brian Glick, Dawn and Steve Glick, Lianne and Chris Groshel, Fred Winter, Janine Acee, Haven Goulding, Rick Fuller, Peppi Sare, Karl Striedieck, Becky Thompson

Gift Certificates/Prizes: Brookmere Winery, Burnham OIP, Milroy Dairy Queen, Honey Creek Inn, Michele's OIP Restaurant and Pizzeria, BCM-Chem Products (GJ Tack-Attack)
Special thanks to the Mifflin County Airport Authority for their support.


Posted: 5/22/2018


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