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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Early Report - Wx and Task (Updated)

Wx: The front is stationary to the south and will begin backing up this afternoon, bringing with it mid-high level clouds into the task area.  Mostly blue today with 2-3kt thermals.

Task A: 3hr TAT - Orbisonia (20mi), Selingsgrove (20mi), return.  59mi min, 137mi nom, 216mi max.

Tasks B and C are the same as A but 2.5hr and 2hr, respectively.

Gridding at 1130 to hopefully get going early.  Prior to calling for the firetruck, the CD asked if anyone wanted to water up today.  Not a hand went up.


UPDATE: It is looking better to go north, so we are now on Task D: 3hr TAT - Orbisonia (20mi), Lock Haven (25mi), return.  40mi min, 129mi nom, 218mi max.  Tasks E and F are the same except 2.5hr and 2hr, respectively.

Posted: 5/21/2018


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