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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Day3

Hi race fans,

Well after too many days of shorts tasks, to no tasks at all, today we finally really had a good one. The front that was causing us problems the last few days was forecast to clear by mid-morning with the winds behind it from the North West. This is just what we hope for at Mifflin, especially after a few weak days. When we arrived at the pilots meeting it all looked too much like yesterday, low clouds and crud and even a last passing spritz of rain just to spit hate at the pilots one last time.

As the pilots meeting left out at about 9:50, I look out the airport access road and see W3 returning from a 3 day hiatus at home. He had told me earlier he would return if the weather warranted it. Alright, let’s get a move on. The CD had declared a 12 noon grid time and by 11:30 or so we were starting to see the clearing we wanted. The wind was not really forecast to come around to a good angle until about 2 PM so we had time. The forecast also called for 5-6000 foot cue but at the sniffer launch at around 1, this was slow in coming. Tim calls the CD right off tow and says winds at ridge top were 272 @ 18 knots. He also cautioned that the clouds were still not more than 2700, but with the winds forecast to come around and the cumulous to get higher; there was no more reason to wait. We have sure as heck done our share of waiting this contest, and now it is go time. There were 3 tasks on the sheet, being A. 3 hour MAT use any turn once and not again. B. Same as A only mandatory 1st turn was #36 Dickies Mountain. This was put on in case the bases did not come up in time to cross over to the front ridge and take a long bomber run. In the end, this was the case. The CD eventually went to B and in the end it was a great call. The weather we really needed for task A. never hit the homedrome until 4PM, about an hour to an hour and a half later that predicted and this was the difference between a great day and a “crackin good” day that we almost had. We did have a time soon after launch that the ridge got a little soft and we did have 2 re-lights, but it soon fired off for the better and all was well.

A task like this one, flown out of Mifflin, and it is very hard to beat KS and today no one did. Striedieck & Arnold win the day and take the over all lead by 1 point. What a day tomorrow could be and it may decide the race as it looks now like we won’t fly on the final day due to………you guessed it……..more rain.

Tonight was the final dinner of the meet and it was late starting as everyone was cleaning and dis assembling after a good day. Lots of smiles were seen at dinner and some very weary eyes as well. All in all, everyone was happy. My 16 year old daughter was here for the weekend and she even got a short flight on the ridge after the task was over and came back with a big smile. That’s all for now folks.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/20/2018


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