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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Day 2 Ridge Mission

Greetings all,

So here we come again today back to the land of fiberglass and 100LL powered tug boats to haul them aloft. After yesterday’s task we are all much happier but today looks not great and certainly not the laboratory conditions that we would all like to see. At the morning pilots meeting, Temp CD, John Good (more on that in a bit) announces that all is not lost. The beauty of Mifflin is the perfectly formed Jacks Mountain just to our south that will work for a modest “backside” ridge mission with merely a large fan blowing into it. When approaching bad weather is coming this shifts the winds around out of the south and fires this ridge up to allow a day when no other place we would even fly. This is exactly what was predicted for today. The winds on the surface were out of the east so a nonstandard 06 grid had to be used. At least we knew this and did not have to elephant walk all our gliders from 1 end of the runway to the other. With a ridge mission coming, KS makes a call to the firetruck for mid-morning ballast operation. Somehow he escaped a fine in the pilots meeting for using his phone, oh that’s right Moe, his did not ring in the meeting, he called out!!!!!

Immediately following the meeting we all set out scurrying around with our morning chores and like a shadow in the night, W3 arrives overhead in and RV8 to remind us he is not far away. Like we would ever forget!!! Once we had all the gliders and tow ships out, I decided to go up and have a look around. What I found was surprising and good news. Winds that on the ground were still mainly east, at altitude, were out of the south and steady. When I rounded the corner of the gap in the ridge, I discovered that someone had installed a flag pole with a proudly displayed US flag right at the top of Jacks in the woods. It was all the marker I needed to see what was going on. I landed back and the grid meeting was in progress. After the meeting I reported to CD Good what I saw and that I thought we should send a sniffer up ASAP. HW drew the short straw and as I was buckling in to tow him, he said, we are going up to look for Glick’s flag. He sounded like I was full of it, especially about the wind and direction. It gave me great pleasure when I heard him report back “flag is pointing in the right direction and steady” I almost keyed the mike and said “I told you so” but I just snickered instead. The launch was done in 28 minutes and the race was on.

The task was short again, but this is all we can get out of that mission. KS and Sara Arnold win the day with 98, Pete Alexander 1 point behind.

The day ended with the Mifflin fish fry and ice cream truck. No one went away hungry from that.

I mentioned earlier that John Good was temporary CD. The storms earlier in the week seemed to wreak havoc on John Seymour’s hometown and did some damage to his property, he returned home to tend to those and we have flown 2 days. He is scheduled to return tomorrow we think and it looks like we won’t fly. Is anyone else seeing a trend here?

That’s all for now

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/18/2018


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