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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Day 1 For Real this time

Hello Race Fans,

All I can say is Hallelujah and pass the popcorn. After the soggiest start to a contest that I have seen in years at a Mifflin contest, including 1 day (Tuesday) of a very close call, we finally got one in today. I am usually one of the more optimistic guys there is because I don’t have to fly a glider, but today I will admit to never giving a thought that this day would support anything more than the Pidgeon’s, much less it would  be a soaring day. I skipped the pilots meeting, which I never do, but we were busy filleting tomorrow night’s fish and I had work to do in my office. I went to the office and was well into it when my brother called and asked what time I was coming to the field. A quick look out my window and I fired back, “are you nuts?” Well grid time is 1:00PM and you are the chief tow pilot, maybe you should head this way. I shook my head and left for the field at 11:50. When I arrived I was about to ask who actually thought this was going to clear until Chris Groshel told me that  NW of here it was clear and blue. We went about getting ready and I still was not a believer. I finally pulled the airplane out at 12:50 and took a spin up to release height on the north side of the field. It was there and improving, but it was not well organized at all.

The CD had simply put a 1 turn TAT on the sheet and here we sat waiting. KS finally takes his Bird Dog up and scouts around more. He comes back and agrees with me that for any hope, we had to change the release area from a standard Jacks Mountain tow to the 7 mountains. After conferring with the CD Karl headed off to the north and found some lift but the tows were almost 7 miles away from the field.  With a small class and 3 tow planes we started the launch at 2:50. I am still sitting there towing thinking to myself, this is senseless, but what the heck, I am getting paid per tow. The timing on this mission was the key and it was tighter than 2 coats of very old paint. After much consulting between the Cd and advisors the gate opened at 3:25. Off they went and all seemed good. We had a re-light or 2 but when I went back for a later tow, it was better. The day was de valued but what can I say, we got one in the books. As SM likes to say, “a kill is a kill” Local pilot Mike Robison, with Garret Willet aboard won the day. He was followed closely by KS and Sara Arnold. We got the best out of this day that we possibly could and that is good.

I am sitting at my weekly poker game writing this, so I don’t have a good take on tomorrow. Wish me luck, it may make your tows cheaper next time if I win some.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/17/2018


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