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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Day 1...maybe

Hi race fans,

Well this morning dawned much as yesterday although it was not foggy, merely muggy. I had some errands to do in my office before going to the field and looking out the window it just looked yuck. When one visits Perry and the Tyler’s for a contest we expect heat and sometimes humidity, but in the northeast, this is never good and right now we are suffering with too much of both. When the sun hit the ground the cu started to pop earlier that any of us would like to see. An hour before grid time I had to fly a contestant’s son to University Park for a flight back home. When I popped up over Stone Mountain to the north, the cu on the other side were much greater, here is where the problem would come from later on.

Before all that we had the pilots meeting and it was obvious from the start that the CD was happy we tried yesterday but more hopeful we would not try and fail today. The meeting went quickly, except for 1 phone snafu, more on that another day. Grid time was set at 12:00 Noon. A poll was taken at the meeting of who wanted water today, not a hand went up. As Charlie Spratt was so fond of saying, pessimism was abound, including from the weatherman. QV predicted blow ups later and weak lift. He was right about blow ups but the lift seemed better than expected, that is until it wasn’t.

At the Grid meeting the task was set and at 12:30 we launched W3 as sniffer and he soon reported 4500 feet and 3 knots. The launch commenced and we quickly had the whole class in the air. The gate opened at 1:25 and no one stuck around. Here is where the northern stuff I talked about earlier came into play. The storm did come from there. It seemed to build slowly and appeared to be moving east and out of the way but it just kept building south too and soon the safety finish was activated. The storm turned out to be nothing more than the “Big bad wolf” it huffed and puffed and blew all the gliders down. Actually, not quite. LI finished soon after it blew over and HW stayed aloft and made enough distance, but we needed 1 more. 98, Pete Alexander, landed out at Carlisle and it was a long retrieve back. As of this writing we are still awaiting his trace to see if we got enough over Minimum distance to make a day. I looked at his online Flarm trace and just from that I believe he did. He went to the back of the first cylinder and then way South trying to stay out of the storm before landing out at Carlisle airport.

As far as tomorrow goes, I have not looked. The air appears to dry out a little more each day so we’ll see. 

This evenings meal was Pork Loin and cheesy potatoes followed by homemade desserts. There is no meal the next 2 days in preparation for Fish Friday.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/15/2018


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