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20m Multi-Seat Nationals - Day 1 Attempt

Greetings  sailplane racing fans,

Hello again from Mifflin. The brand new 20 Meter 2 place class is here at Reedsville for a sail plane race. Early arrivals at the end of last week were greeted by good soaring and a pristine sight that was all polished up and ready. Unfortunately as happens at times when a race starts, we forgot to “polish” the weather for the start of the race. Yesterday was official practice and it got washed out very early on. At last night’s mandatory meeting I was surprised to see our weatherman, the esteemed QV, Richard Kellerman was actually here. This usually means that good conditions are on the way as Richard is noted to sit at home and watch until he sees good stuff and then arrives. As the pilots were consuming a delicious meal of “Thanksgiving in May” the rain on the roof was deafening. I asked QV and he said, “not to worry, we will fly tomorrow” And he was right, sort of.

We gridded at 12:30 and waited for the air to dry a little and the cu to go up. At 1:15 we launched a sniffer that landed back fairly soon. We turned Tim Welles around, launched him again followed by Doug Jacobs and Heinz Weisenbuehler. No one stayed up much more than an hour and in light of approaching storms, the CD reluctantly cancelled the day at about 2:20. As can happen, the black clouds and the line we saw came over; fell apart as it did and we only got a few drops of rain as of this writing. In all truth, had we launched it would have been a crap shoot as to whether we could have gotten a good day in. The task was a 1 turn TAT to Mc Connelsburg with a 20 mile circle. Guess where all the bad stuff broke off and headed, south towards the turn.

The next few days are calling for more of the same, but being a local and watching the weather here tells me that the further we get from massive amounts of water on the ground the better off we will be. What we would all like to see is a good Canadian cold front come through and wipe out all this moisture, then we would have true game on.

I should also mention that this sight has hosted a contest of some kind every year since 1996. The first contest was in 1990, but it missed a few years in between. We all enjoy what we do and love coming out to see old friends and make new ones. This class is small, but has people in it that have never raced here before. Rex Mayes, John Weber and JP. Stewart come to mind. Speaking of JP, he was almost late to the mandatory meeting as he had this bothersome thing of GRADUATING from Virginia Tech University to see to before he got here. Congratulations to him and any of you pilots that have his e-mail address (I don’t or I would post it) please e-mail him congratulations.

There is no meal tonight, but there is tomorrow and Friday night is the Mifflin Fish Fry. We know that will be well attended as it is delisiouso!!!!! Stay tuned here for all the news that is fit to print.



Brian Glick






Posted: 5/14/2018


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