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18-Meter National Championships - Last Day, it's on folks

Here we are, after two great practice days and 8 contest days there are only 50 points sererating the top 2 Canadians, and only 36 points seperating the top 2 US contenders.  Its anyones guess who will be the winner and who will be the top US pilot to take home the National Championship trophy.  As you know, the scores will only be posted when the winner is announced tonight at the banquet.  Please do not call the office or Sandra.  John Godfrey has sworn her to silence until Virginia makes the announcement.  

The ships are on the grid and during the pilots meeting, Richard Kellerman gave us his last weather brief for this contest.  I am supposed to make a funny remark about his presentation today but I never take advantage of volunteers.  It is real honor to have Richard do this job for us, and both Virginai and I could not have been happier for the experience and quality of weather brief he provided.  Thank you kind sir!  Today could be 3-5 knot climbs to over 7,000 feet.  We may have cu later in the day but right now the sky is Carolina Blue.  Launch is expected to be at 12:00pm.  The Airtribune site is still up and I hope you get a chance to watch the race.  We will have one more race report tonight and I'll try to get a wrap up tomorrow morning.  Talk to you soon.


Posted: 5/10/2018


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