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18-Meter National Championships - Volunteers Part II and today

Well ZO is on the grid and it’s time to talk more about volunteers.  I should start by saying Catherine is only 21 not 25 years old.  We celebrated her birthday during the Seniors in March.  Our hats go off to all the competitors who volunteered their crew to assist us during the launch.   Their help was instrumental for the good launch times for the grid.  It allowed the CD to call longer tasks and make the competition more enjoyable to the pilots.  We should also acknowledge the support of the SSA staff who provide web support, trophies, tracker funds, and a kind ear to help us with issues that come up during the setup of the contest.   

Our Safety Officer is Virgina Gallenburger who is a retired Delta pilot and a part time employee at Seminole-Lake.  She brings a lot of flying experience and a good sense of humor to the operation.  She is all so the proud parent of Millie, one of our airport dogs.  Richard Kellerman is our remote weatherman via an app called Zoom so we get to see Richard, his forecasting tools/graphs, and have the ability to ask questions.  Ted Haller worked the retrieve office for our contests this year and consistently provides great service during tough times for the pilot.  Mihaela Luculescu is the Boss when it comes to the company.  She makes sure all our bills are paid, coffee/donuts are available, runs the office, and ensures Virginia and I don’t spend too much money. Our Scorer is Sandra Danoff and the wife of our CD John Godfrey.  We are very lucky to have this outstanding pair in our contest staff.  Our tasks are fair, scores completed accurately and in a timely manner.  We also get an introduction of the Godfreys’ Affenpinchers during the pilot meeting.  Finally, my very good friend Virgina Thompson.  She and Dave have been very close family friends ever since I joined the sport of soaring.  Virginia has been the co-CM of the Seniors (over 4 years) and also for this contest.  She always sees a way that we can improve our contest product and she is a pleasure to work with.   These were the people that made this contest possible. 

Now today’s weather.  Richard says we can expect 3-5 knot lift to 6,000 feet again today.  I hear in the background, John calling out the task to Sandra who is making up the task sheet.  Our task advisors, Billy Kerns and Jim Lee are providing local knowledge to help make the task safe and fair.  When I asked if the mileage was above 300 or less than 300, she said yes.  Guess that means the process is still ongoing.  Off to get ready. If you have any ideas how we can make the Airtribune web site better, let us know.


Posted: 5/9/2018


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