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18-Meter National Championships - Volunteers

Good Morning everyone!  The sun is shining again and the dogs are taking their masters for a walk.  It takes a lot of help to put on a contest as I’m sure most of you know. Our volunteers are composed of Seminole-Lake employees, local pilots, gliderport residents, and friends that have given more than the 12 days this contest has run.  The tow pilots are lead by Ray Smith, a military truck enthusiast (remember the water truck), Franklin Burbank, owner and operator of Citrus Soaring in Pierson Florida, Jake Burkett, Tom McLinskey and the club tow pilots of our good friends at Tampa Bay Soaring.  This club supports us at all our contests with outstanding aircraft and professional pilots under the watchful eye of their Chief Tow Pilot, Ken Johnson.  Our Operations/Ground Crew Chief is Ms. Catherine Eaglin, a 21 year old college student and aspiring pilot.  This is the third contest she has held this post this year. If I named every member of the ground crew I’m sure I would leave someone out.  Let’s just say thanks to James, John, Karen, Billy, and the host of young people that were able to come out for a few days to lend a hand.  Karen Geisinger is our ace in the hole.  She is the head grounds keeper, flower planter, plumber, line crew member and anything else that needs to get done.  We could not keep Seminole-Lake looking this good with out her help.  Billy Kerns, Ken Goshorn, Wes Lineberry, and Glen Betzoldt spent time before and during the contest marking the grid, building and operating our weighing station, being line crew members, and making sure the little things that come up during the contest are handled.  Ken and Billy gave up a lot of good flying to help us!  Our registration was staffed by Laura Betzoldt, Judy Lineberry, and Michelle Sorenson.  These ladies always help us make the process easier for us mentally challenged pilots.  Unfortunately, I have to stop and get my ship ready.  We will continue this and give you a look at the weather for today.

Posted: 5/9/2018


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